Build your audience with highlights.

Highlights and in-text comments for your website.

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Keep discussions on your page

Drive engagement with txtpen. Connect and build your audience on the fly. All without leaving your site.

Highlight text in context

Discuss and value-add with your audience

Integrate with 1 line of code

Sample Website

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As a blogger, I have always wanted a tool to let users highlight text and leave comments. It is so easy to set up and I was surprised by the sheer amount of quality content generated by my readers.

I can easily moderate comments. The filter feature is so powerful that only "helpful" comments get displayed. Pre-moderation turns off all comments until they are approved by a moderator. I can also pin the best comments so everyone sees it. I don't lose any control over my blog.

txtpen discovers

Displays only the best highlights

txtpen uses machine learning to pick out key information, most highlighted sentences based on anonymous browsing data.

txtpen follows W3C Standards

txtpen is the first service that follows W3C Web Annotation recommendations. All highlights and comments can be retrieved via RESTful API.

txtpen follows W3C standard
txtpen discovers

Increase traffic to your website

Connect your website to the txtpen ecosystem and find readers flocking to your trending articles in no time.

Zero Cost Integration

txtpen service is fully mangaged. Just add one line of Javascript to your existing HTML, no coding required.

Enter your website URL:
txtpen uses one line of javascript to embed its functionality

Keep discussions on your page

Drive engagement, connect and build your audience, increase revenue.
txtpen is the best inline comment platform. Why Inline Comments?


See which parts your audience is reading with heatmap analytics.


Control what’s displayed on your page with AI-powered moderation engine.


Let audience share snippets on twitter, facebook and more.


Readers are more likely to leave contextual comments while they read.

Enabled Regions

Enable txtpen on only selected parts of your website.


Set the maximum number of higlights to be displayed to avoid clutter.


Option to embed images in comments to boost discussion.


Option to leave out outlinks in txtpen comments.


Enable moderators approve comments before they are displayed.


Get notified via emails or push notifications.

Real-time data synchronization

Interact with people who are on the same page.


Change color of txtpen to match the style of your website.

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