A plugin that reads out loud any text with natural sounding voices. SUPER EASY.

Powered by WaveNet from Google Deepmind, the State-Of-The-Art TTS engine.

Highlight text in context

Press play and listen at 1x to 2x speed.

Chrome plugin or integrate with 1 line of code.

Sample Website

Introducing txtpen

txtpen is an awesome tool. As an auditory learner, I prefer listening to text while my eyes' attention is needed elsewhere. The state-of-the-art neural network from Google Deepmind produces natural-sounding stress and intonation like a human speaker. It also supports speed reading at up to twice the speed if you want to skim.

txtpen discovers

Add TTS to your website

Give your readers the best, most natural narration for the price of a cup of coffee.

Easy Integration

txtpen is hosted and managed. Just add one line to your existing website, no coding required.

txtpen uses one line of javascript to embed its functionality
$ 0 .0 /Month
  • 8,000 Words
  • ~10 Articles
  • ~1 Hours of Audio
  • Plus Support
Auditory Learner
$ 9 .99 /Month
  • 80,000 Words
  • ~100 Articles
  • ~10 Hours of Audio
  • Plus Support
  • Unlimited articles
  • Custom Solution
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